Four-Part Story Intro

I didn’t give a title to this because… you know… it’s not done yet.

“We can’t keep going on like this. Let’s get a cab.”

“No. Quit complaining. We’ll be okay.”

Donny didn’t like a lot of things. He didn’t like walking in the cold for more than a minute. He didn’t like taking risks. This night was probably the last on his list of things he wanted to do.

“Man, I can’t fuckin’ believe you.”

“Let’s forget it, okay?”

Hah, forget it. Yeah, right. I definitely wasn’t going to forget it. My hope was that he eventually would, but after what happened, I highly doubt it. I didn’t plan any of it, that’s for sure.

I don’t think anyone would plan for their ex-girlfriend of one month to be at the same random bar on a random night. The odds were short, but apparently it was the night to bet on an upset. And the bigger upset was that she already had a new boy. Funny.

“I guarantee you that you’re not going to forget about it, which inevitably means I’m not going to forget about it.”


Okay, Donny. What would you have done exactly? What would Donny do?”

“Don’t put me into this. I probably would have left.”

“You probably would have left?”


“You probably would have left!?”

“Dude, it didn’t happen to me so who cares?”

“So you’re saying, what I should have done is leave. Don’t deal with it. Don’t even get a beer. After the first sight of her, we just take off. Go somewhere else. That’s what we should have done?”

“Well, yeah, obviously.”

“BUT, let’s forget what eventually happened. Forget about that. Was it obvious that we should have left before everything? Was it that obvious? Remember, I told you… ‘I’m not saying shit to her.’ That’s what I said when we first saw her. It wasn’t my fault. Things just happened.”

“Yeah, I mean, things always happen with you though, man.”

“Woah. You’re just laying bombs tonight. Donny, Donny. Things always happen to me. Okay. So be it. They always happen to me. What do you suggest I do?”

“Dude, you’re obviously pissed right now and it’s fucking cold out here. Let’s just get a cab and get some sleep. Why are we walking right now, anyway?”

“I don’t know, things always happen to me I guess?”

“Hah, come on.”

The temperature was reaching single digits at this point and we were underdressed to say the least. We didn’t plan on being outside at all tonight so neither of us brought a coat. Coats are just a pain when you go out to a bar with a lot of people. We both had long sleeves, but that didn’t really do much during northeast winters.

I didn’t care about the cold. I think my anger was still boiling to the point of keeping me warm, but Donny had a major issue. I didn’t feel like talking to him anymore, though.

Really, nothing was my fault tonight. Fuckin’ Jane. I couldn’t even believe it. Now that Donny was being a douche that made the night almost perfect.

“Dude! You’ve had gloves this whole time and didn’t give ‘em to me?”

“Why would I give them to you?”

“I don’t know, because uh, you’re the reason we’re out here in the first place.”

“All right killer. Let’s stop playing the blame game. I didn’t even know I had these gloves. Here, take ‘em. I grabbed ‘em off some chair when we got kicked out.”

“You grabbed ‘em off some chair? Haha. Great. Well, I’m not hating on that.”

“First thing all night.”

The cold was starting to get to me. Maybe we should grab a cab. I didn’t drink enough back at the bar. I’m surprised Donny was still out there with me. It was probably around midnight and Main Street was starting to pick up a little. The only people outside were the ones smoking or waiting in line for some shady club. We were the only ones dumb enough to be walking.

It was a crisp night and we were lucky the snow wasn’t supposed to come for another couple hours. The sidewalks were still a little slick from the last storm, but nothing we were going to kill ourselves on.

Without those gloves my poor circulation was starting to get the best of me, even with hands in my pockets. I cupped my hands to my mouth to try and keep them warm. Instead, I felt something crusty on my face. I tried to wipe away what was there and my fingers came back with frozen blood.


“Come on, man. Jane’s a bitch, you already knew that. And in the back of your head, you had to know she would hook up with some tool bag.”

“Well, I didn’t think it’d be a few weeks after we split. But that guy was more than a tool bag, all right. He was like a… tool shed. Man. Can’t believe her.”

“Whatever, forget that. Forget her. Hey, you want another drink?”

“Thought we were going back to the apartment to rest up?”

“Eh, rest? Come on. I’ve never been to this place. Let’s check it out.”

We’d been walking for about 20 minutes since we got kicked out of Harry’s. Whatever buzz I had was gone. At least the cold helped ice my jaw a little.


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